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Tucked Away Murphy Beds-423-505-2824
Tucked Away Murphy Beds-423-505-2824
Tucked Away Murphy Beds-423-505-2824
Tucked Away Murphy Beds-423-505-2824
 Tucked Away Murphy Beds 
             are proud builders of  
     EZ Rest Murphy Bed frames.  
                  See why we are
   America's #1 Choice in Wallbeds!


Don't make Grandma sleep on the couch...
Let us show you how to have more space for the expected or unexpected guests in your life!
You may have heard them called Wallbeds,Murphy Beds, Dissappearing beds, Hidden Beds, Lift up Beds, Beds in a cabinet,  Beds in a closet, Pull out Beds,or Fold up \Beds, Fold Away or Flip up Beds. 
We called them Tucked Away Murphy Beds! 
                     At Tucked Away Murphy Beds we are here to:
                Design ~ Custom Build~ and Install
Our company offers Murphy Wallbeds that are custom designed to fit the needs of your home. Murphy Wallbeds combine style and function. They are a great way to utilize any space.  From country cottages, to suburban houses, to downtown condos, everyone can use a little more space.
Tucked Away Murphy Beds offers you endless possibilities to maximize every square foot in any space.  A guest room? Home office?  Play room?  A Murphy wallbed can transform your space allowing one room to serve many purposes.  By day, our Murphy wallbed systems offer features like desks or shelving systems.  By night, they transform into quality, comfortable beds for your family or guests.
Let us show you how Tucked Away Murphy Beds can help you add value and function to your home with a custom designed Murphy 


Our Brochure

  • All of our Murphy beds are built by local craftsman


  •  Our beds are offered in all sizes from Twin to King


  •  FREE In-Home Consultations


  • We come to you to measure & design!


  • You never have to leave your home!


  • Our beds are professionally designed & installed


  • Call us today to set your design appointment 


     Tucked Away Murphy Beds proudly serves East Tennessee

    & the surrounding areas

History of a Murphy bed


Murphy Beds are named after William Lawrence Murphy (1876–1959), who was the first to apply for a patent on the system around 1900.

He lived in a one-room apartment in San Francisco, and wanted to be able to invite friends over – and especially a opera singer. But as the gentleman he was, he wouldn’t invite a woman into his bedroom, and since he only had one room....

Events & Annoucments
Home & Remodeling Home Shows.... Turn an old idea into a new addition to your home
Several times a year we display our bed systems at Home Shows through out Tennessee.  At the home shows you can see and operate the beds as well get great new design ideas.

The Home Show is a great place for a family to spend the day together.

Check back periodically for our upcoming Home Show dates and show special!

Upcoming Home Show Events


  Home Show Special !


Order a bed within a week of the Home Show ~ Recieve a FREE introductory mattress!!

Check back with us for Upcoming events







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